ExclusiVE invitation to the  Heavy Metal Detox Summit 2019

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Hey it's one of your hosts, Paul Seelhorst

I am very happy to invite you as a handpicked partner to support the upcoming Heavy Metal Detox Summit 2019.

I expect 10.000-20.000 participants and at least 40.000€ turnover.

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I am very thankful that some big affiliate partners already agreed to share our mission.

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But now to the most important details ...

​Heavy Metal Detox Summit Launch Dat​E

The promotion for the summit is optimal between November 1st and November 7th 2019. During this time you can send your prospective customers to the landing page with the free login to register (in the same step they can optionally  already purchase the ALL ACCESS PASS, if they wish).

 ​Heavy Metal Detox Summit 2019

Launch Dates - ​Heavy Metal Detox Summit

Optimal ​time to send the affiliate email (1 week before ​summit starts) 

November 1st

​Last possible affiliate email (​to reach all "not openers" of the first email!)

November 7th

​Duration of the summit

November 8th - November 17th

Will you participate in promoting the online event of the year and Earn along?

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These are the TOP 3 Reasons to participate As an affiliate

​Reason #1: 
​Your readers will love the content & the ​pr​esentation of the ​summit

This point is very important and I promise your readers will love the summit and that the customers you send to the summit will achieve great results.

This summit involves many months of work, months of research for the best experts and years of study and long preparation of the presentations to get the best methods and strategies out of the experts.

In addition, the participants will also be quickly helped with questions via our support team.

I'm very proud of this event and the realizable content it contains. Your audience will LOVE it.

​Reason #2: 
​Excetional quality and experience

​The ​Heavy Metal Detox Summit is no ordinary online event. The content is carefully selected and compiled, the audience will always get more than it expects.

​All bonuses and extras are also designed with great effort and provide the ​users with even more insights, strategies and methods from the experts.

An all-round carefree package.

​Reason #3: 
​Fair commissions ​for more turnover for you!

Everyone wants to be rewarded for their efforts, don't they?

The price for the ALL ACCESS PASS to the Heavy Metal Detox Summit is 57€. You'll get 50% of the turnover for each sale. This means that you can earn 25€ with every person who signs up.

The clou: All you have to do is advertise the FREE access, the rest is up to me. The content is convincing and will encourage about 5-10% of the participants to buy without you having to write sales mails.

Send me visitors and my team and me will take care of the rest.

​How do I earn ​Money

  • 50% ​of all turnovers of the ALL ACCESS PASS (net sales).
  • ​The cookie will track for 6 months​. You will still earn commissions after the event.
  • ​The commission is usually paid about 14-30 days after the ​summit.

​Premium access will be offered at many prominent locations during the ​event.

​Heavy Metal Detox Summit - All ACcess Pass

57€-77€ p​er Access

  • ​Instant and lifelong access to all video ​presentations
  • Precious bonus PDFs of all the speakers

You Will get everything you need

As soon as you have registered on our Affiliate Program I will forward all details for your maximum success - and minumum effort.

I am aware of you being very busy. Hence why I want to make this as easy as possible and enable you the possibility to share with your audience.


To make your work load as small as possible I have generated an email template where you need to edit the relevant information, only. Feel free to use the template partly, only or create your own template.


The necessary link is easy to recognize and to use: https://www.digistore24.com/redir/292770/AFFILIATE/CAMPAIGNKEY

Social media Posts

If you want to post adverts or post via your social media channel, I will provide some prepared images for you.


This is How You Generate the Most Registrations


Send at least 2 emails to your audience before the summit has started. The second email should be send to those who have not read your first email. This will boost your total registrations by 20%.


Communicate on time: ideally 7 days before summit.

Weekend is also suitable.


Share the summit on social media channels.


Send an email to all your leads. This boost your total sales.


If you are joining the summit as an speaker, please email your leads additionally one day before your own video.

Who am I?

Paul Seelhorst

Hi, my name is Paul and I am one of the hosts of this summit. :-)

​Ever since I was a child, I had a lot of digestive issues, asthma, allergies, depression and many more symptoms. A few years ago, I realized I had severe heavy metal toxicity even though I was on a healthy, plant-focused paleo diet. 

I then started hosting live health events to meet like minded people and share this knowledge.

The last couple of years my team and I have organised more than 50 free online summits to help people understand the underlying cause of their symptoms and learn how to heal themselves, mainly by changing their lifestyle.

The summits we organised range from autoimmune symptoms, to depression, cancer, allergies, detox, chronic infections, crohn’s disease as well as diets like paleo, raw vegan, keto and more.

Experts say that almost every chronic disease can be attributed to a toxic environment in the body and manifest itself as a random condition, mix of symptoms or life threatening illness.

When I found out that the international MetDetox Conference was happening in my home town, Berlin, I asked the organisers Ann-Marie, Ulf and Florian if they wanted me to film the event and host it online.

We are super happy that we were able to capture this valuable event with so many amazing talks of international leaders in the field of Metal Detox.

This is one of the reasons we want to bring this knowledge out to a big audience and draw attention to the topic.

We hope you have a great time watching the videos and look forward to discussion in our facebook group.


​Paul (host of the online summit)

and Ann-Marie, Florian, Paul and Ulf (organisers)


Save the date! November 8th - November 17th

Ideal dates for sending affiliate emails: 1st of November and 5th of November.

As soon as you register, I will send you an email with all the info!

If you have any questions please write me at: paul@autoimmunportal.de and I will get back to you within the next 48 hours.

Thank you for your support!

I am looking forward to a highly successful online summit with you... <3

What are you waiting for? ;-)

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